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Why did we started BMXBACKYARD?

  To keep in touch with family and friends.  We would get calls asking where are you now and how are the kids so we just found it easy to post information the site.  In addition, Jon enjoys taking pictures so he just naturally starting taking pictures of our kids racing which we posted for the Grandparents to see.  Then Jon started taking pictures of friends racing and friends hanging out at races.  Then next thing we know parents and kids started asking if he got pictures of them so he started watching for and taking pictures of additional kids racing.  We also noticed that the only pictures being taken were of the fast racers or PROs so this gave the beginner and others a place to look for their pictures. 


Not as many race pictures are being posted.

What happened?

  First, Jon was laid off from his job January 2008 but found a job a few weeks later thanks to the BMX family (Kelli Townsend thanks for getting Jon in touch with Scott Birmingham.  Scott we will forever be grateful for your help!)  The new job requires traveling so it not easy to get to many races.

  Second, injury, injury, injury...




What is happening now?

   The healing process is underway and hopefully we will be out racing and seeing our wonderful BMX family and friends again.



Why not sale the pictures?

   This is a hobby and we just can not dedicate the time to make it a business.  Our purpose in the beginning was just to provide pictures to friends and to those that usually did not get in pictures.  Our joy was seeing the smile on the racers face and hearing how much the pictures meant to them!


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